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MARQAY's beginnings came from the ashes. After their previous band abruptly fell apart, drummer Patrick Bohan and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Christopher Plaia looked to expand on their old sound, rather than create something new altogether. By finding new ways to connect the salvaged pieces, the duo was galvanized into a heavy state of creativity. The music quickly took shape and a general vibe became established, which fell somewhere between the timeless sound of vintage psych rock and the moodiness of new wave. Visceral, dense passages were married with eery, spatial soundscapes, and this template became the theme their debut full-length, Double Carousel, would be built upon.

Double Carousel (released Nov. 4, 2014) was recorded over an extended period of time (fall 2012-spring 2014) by Mike Kamoo at Earthling Studios in El Cajon, CA . Upon it's release the album was praised as having “a big cinematic feel...full of spatial ebb-and-flow — culling sounds from all corners of the rock solar system — while never sounding like a concrete version of any of them.” Additionally, “the record slides between soaring post-rock, mesmerizing kraut-rock grooves and chilly New Wave attitude. Marqay throws in a few curveballs too, seemingly taking just as much inspiration from Explosions in the Sky as they do Joy Division.”

The group has since evolved into an accomplished live band with the addition of Beto Alvarez and Brian Gerhard. New music is currently being written and the band is poised to establish itself as a very present figure in independent music.

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